Massage Therapy is a popular profession, yet there aren’t many of us. It is the most natural and obvious healing method: the laying on of hands. We live in a touch-deprived culture, after all. Compared to a visit to your doctor, an appointment with your massage therapist is long and personal. So why do I do it? The simple answer is, I love it….I live it, breathe it and have passion for it. I meet you where you are.

When I get a good massage I feel like a changed woman. I get off the table and float on a cloud. It’s like someone focused the world and made the colors brighter.  I’m a massage therapist because I want to do that for other people. It’s my job to be the best hour in your day. It feels fabulous, it works and it is physiologically and psychologically potent. Why not use massage therapy as preventative health care????? Take a break from life and de-stress. Schedule a massage or treatment on my massage table!!!

Take time to REFRESH and UNWIND!